About Tân'si

In the Cree language, Tân'si is a warm, friendly greeting. Every interaction begins with Tân'si. 

In the small Northern community of Tail Creek, lived a young trapper who struggled to survive during the long hard winters, common to Northern Alberta.  He and his young bride lived in a simple shack on the trap line. One brutally cold January day, while this young man was hunting for his next big catch, his wife was home with a midwife about to give birth.

Sadly, the child was stillborn. The midwife took the baby from the mother’s arms, wrapped him in a blanket, and took his tiny body out to the coal shed. After tending to the grieving mother, the midwife set on her way. The young mother, refusing to believe she had lost her child, climbed out of bed and made her way to the shed out back.

She brought the tiny baby inside and placed him in a box in front of the wood-burning stove. Every hour she squeezed a tiny eyedropper, dispersing a droplet of brandy into the mouth of that baby. This small child grew up to be the grandfather of Darcie Guarderas, one of the co-founders of Tân'si Tourism Solutions. Hearing this story set Darcie on a journey of exploration to discover her connections to her Cree culture.  

This deep connection to Canada, its people, and its diversity guides the founders of Tân'si Solutions as they advise,  mentor and provide Tourism Consulting and Destination Marketing services to the industry.