Support for your Business

Tân’si works with you to create a customized, strategic plan and ensure that we provide a complete Tourism Consulting package to achieve your goals. We will assess the full potential of your tourism business and link objectives to actions, in order to achieve success. We have streamlined processes that are easy to understand and implement. Your successful marketing strategies will begin with aligning every activity around specific goals and utilizing the best possible platforms to take your business to the next level.

Services for an Existing Business:

  • Full Business Analysis
  • New Product, New Market or New Service viability assessment
  • Marketing Strategy and detailed Marketing Plans
  • Training in Selling Techniques – the Do’s and Don’ts for success
  • Sales Promotion including Trade Shows, Events, Roadshows, Agent Training
  • Business Software installs for efficient Tracking, Reporting, and Control
  • Cost Reduction Strategies