Our Solutions

Complete Business Reviews

Complete Business Review

We find answers to three key questions – ‘Where are you now?’, ‘Where do you want to be in 3 years’ time?’ and ‘How are you going to successfully get there?’
Destination Respresentation and Destination Training


We can be your voice and represent you with the passion that your product, service or destination deserves. In Canada, the US, or further afield.
Marketing Plans and Strategy

Market Support

Marketing Strategy, Detailed Marketing Plans, training in Sales Techniques, Sales Promotion including Trade Shows, Events and Roadshows.
New Product planning and launch

New Products

Help and expertise to develop new travel packages, services or destinations with complete market potential reports.
Destination Promotion with a Passion

Destination Promotions

Cutting Edge REMO Online Presentation technology for virtual Trade Shows, In Person Destination Training Programs, media releases, publicity and FAM tours.
Travel and Trade Show representation

Trade Shows

Participation in virtual and real Trade and Travel Shows from planning, complete set-up and execution to showcasing and raising awareness of your service or destination.

Sales Mission

We take your brand and deliver it with a passion to a wide audience in Canada and beyond. Using the latest virtual Trade Show technology, we bring these programs to life.
Client Management software and operations software to reduce workloads

Client Management Systems

User friendly, customizeable Business Software to handle all aspects of a tourism business including client management and performance analysis.
Efficient low cost operations software for the Travel industry

Operations Systems

Tourism business specific software designed from from the ground up to handle operations, quotes, itinerary creation and accounting.