Consulting, Mentoring, and Business Services for the tourism industry

We provide a full range of consulting, planning, marketing and promotion services. From a start up enterprise to an ongoing business looking to grow or find new markets, our experts will find solutions and point you in the right direction for success.

Promote Your Business

We can take your brand, attraction, service, or your accommodation, and deliver it with a passion to a wide audience within and outside the travel industry in Canada, the US and overseas.
Develop New Tourism Products and Experience

Develop New Products

With our expertise, we can help you develop new services and products that generate profit. We can also do an audit of the existing business to help you focus efforts on products that align better with the market.
Business and Marketing Plans

Plan the Way Forward

Let us take stock of your strengths, and chart a path forward for your business in this fast changing environment. Where would you like to be in 3 years or in 5 years time?
Ideas for Business Growth

Ideas to Grow your Business

An objective look from the outside helps identify windows of opportunities for growth. Grow an existing product or add new services – we provide the right answers with detailed reports.

Skills Development and Training

New Skills for your Team

Learn how to motivate and engage your employees by removing barriers, improving relationships across the organization and creating partnerships between departments for smooth job execution.  Create the dream team you’ve always wanted.

Business and Operations Software to automate processes

Software Solutions for Growth and Operations

Affordable and easily adapted for your needs, our Travel industry specific software has been developed over several years to  make many commonly used functions and tasks as efficient as possible and give you easy access to detailed reports.